Medicinal Marijuana

True Medicinals

The purpose of medicine is to heal the body, mind and spirit. But from pharmaceutical companies to even ‘healthy alternatives’ we often take for granted what is in our medicine.
We here at Sweet Baby Jane Organics feel you have the right to know what is in your medicine. Unlike other dispensaries, we never deal with outside vendors and, in turn, can guarantee what natural and organic ingredients go into our medicine. That is why we have a full list of all our ingredients in our products listed here on our site.
Our aim is to bring a new level of awareness to your medicinal experience.

Health & Well Being

Medicinal marijuana has been proven to help with the following:
 • Migraines 
• Premenstrual syndrome 
• Seizures 
• Multiple sclerosis Glaucoma 
• Tourette’s syndrome
 • OCD, ADD and AHAD 
• CancerSmoke? Is it good for you?
We do suggest minimizing the amount of fiber you ingest. Flowers (buds) do contain green fiber and this is why we suggest using water pipes, vaporizers and also incorporating concentrates, edibles and/or topicals into your medicinal regime, if appropriate. This is why we offer all organic shatter concentrates (considered by many the most potent, flavorful and healthiest medicinal cannabis), highly potent edibles made from our custom shatter butter and shatter coconut oil and highly effective topical healing salve. All wonderful healthy ways to get medicinal cannabis into your system. Please see our menu for these various options.

Peace of Mind

Full list of ingredients: Know what is in your medicine. See everything that goes into our medicine here.Sustainable practices: Organic, soil grown – everything is recycled (unlike hydroponic which dumps chemicals into our water system).


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